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Hi ! I'm Jey

Nutritionist I Fitness Coach I Passionate Speaker on Health

Jey is the founder of GetFitwithJey. He is a Qualified Nutritionist and a Certified Trainer. After completing his MSc in Dietetics-Advanced Practice from Canada, he has gained considerable expertise in the wellness industry for 12 years now. Jey is a wellness coach who loves to inspire others to live healthy lives. He specializes in healing people with cancer and other auto-immune diseases. He imparts his knowledge to 1000s of people through seminars, workshops, and camps each year.

Besides being a passionate speaker on the right food, physical & mental health & also wellness, his ultimate aim is to make living a healthy life enjoyable to all.


Nature is in constant need of balance in order to work in harmony with the surrounding environment. The same principle applies to the human mind, body, and soul. It works best when there is a balance between the spiritual and the physical self.


We become what we eat.


Only the combination of a fitness regime and a healthy, balanced diet will yield the greatest results.


“Do not maintain your ailments. Maintain your health”


My belief is that you have to prevent & heal the ailment naturally rather than manage it



Nutrition Consultation

One-on-one sessions to determine your dietary needs and help you create a meal plan to reach your health goals


Webinars & Camps

For students and the general public to increase awareness about well-being, good health & lifestyle change


Fitness Coaching

Training sessions to achieve the right fitness as per your body type and your personal fitness goals


Workout challenges

High-intensity workouts to burn maximum calories in a single session. Competitions to prove your fitness


Corporate Wellness

Group seminars and consultation to companies for improving their employee’s well-being and productivity



Dry/ water/ fruit fasting to regenerate & rejuvenate your body with time periods from 24hrs up to 72hrs


Treks & Nature walks

A great way to experience the outdoors and get the benefits of being close to nature. Nature walks to nearby forests & hills and Treks to the Himalayas and other mountains

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